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We interrupt our irregularly-scheduled program to bring you something less topically relevant and less tardy than the average post. Not that this is saying much.

 And let the record show that I am belated in wishing my own birthday to myself, for any of you whom I have wished something belatedly, or for any of you who are cranky about the untimeliness of this blog. I was born belated, a fact Alisa and Chris skillfully picked up in purchasing me a special ‘Year of Birth’ birthday card for the year I was born, 1920. Apparently it was the oldest card available; Alisa wrote, inside, “If I could have gotten a card for people born in the 1820s I would have purchased that one instead.” But I understand that the market for an 1820 Year of Birth card would be small. I might even be its sole target audience, though I don’t want to be conceited in believing myself unique.

N.B. Thanks to Alisa’s card, I am now supplied with the following information of goings-on in the year 1920, my adoptive year of birth. I supply you with my version of the highlights here:

– Census data reveals that, for the first time, over half of America’s population lives in urban areas. (Absurd City Girl wins!)

– Under the 18th Amendment, prohibition of the sale of alchohol begins in January. (They had no way to deal with the Econo-Lodge.)

– The Boston Red Sox sell Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for the unprecedented sum of $100,000 cash and a $385,000 loan. (One good thing to be said about my actual birth-year is that I saw the end of the Curse of the Bambino, not the beginning.)

– The U.S. Post Office rules that children may not be sent by parcel post.

My most heartfelt thanks to all of you in different regions of the country who sent me well-wishes for my birthday; as I spent my actual day-of-birth (November 25) on a train from Philadelphia to Staunton and launched right into rehearsal for A Christmas Carol, your little messages made the day for me!

 I also had a wee party on Monday night, with great food and three-pronged dessert: a gorgeous banana bread cake made by Dan, and rice krispie treats and a pumpkin pie from Ginna, because these last two are my favourite desserts. Some of my dear friends went to the extravagance of getting me presents, which was too kind! Evan gave me a movie-and-book set of The Princess Bride (he is on a continuing quest to culturally educate me; oddly enough, The Princess Bride was the first movie I remember seeing in theatres), Alex made me the Most Beautiful Scarf I Have Ever Seen, Dan gave me a lovely bottle of bourbon of a type we sampled on the road, Susan gave me a delicious bottle of Apple Cider Brandy, and Ginna gave me a little sheep and the Sweetest, Softest Lounge Socks On Earth. The two of us saw them together at Bath & Body Works in Watertown, New York, and noted the wee sheep; I noted it because I have always rather liked sheep, and Ginna noted it because she has said that I am like a little lamb early in the morning: fuzzy, and sort of slow. I concur with this assessment, as I am unequivocally stupid in the morning, a little wary, and really only mobile if you herd me into position.

My grandmother also sent me a wonderful compendium of Shakespearean quotations, for use in every daily situation, because, lord knows, I don’t spout enough Shakespeare quotes in daily life. My favourite ever, though, came from Chris Brophy, whilst we were rehearsing The Scottish Play; pointing across the room at a cast member who was eating nuts on a break, he cried, ‘Yon Cashew has a lean and hungry look!’ I laughed for about 287 days, or at least five minutes. We may file this joke under, ‘How to Make a Shakespeare Nerd Laugh.’

 And my mama, who is the best mama in the world, got me a digital camera, so I may eventually be able to put my own pictures on here, if I ever figure out how to use it. That portentous if I write here with the same skepticism with which I originally began this blog. She also got me a Papelbon t-shirt, red as the Sox, with the big Cinco Ocho on the back! Who could ask for anything more? Really! I am blest.


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