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I know this is sort of becoming a Birthweek rather than Birthday, but perhaps this attenuation is an advantage of being continually belated, and I thank the belated wishes of many dear friends for the contributions towards making this a week-long event. I was originally (in 1920) born on Thanksgiving, and consequently it is fitting that my birthday lingers, like leftover turkey. And there is nothing wrong with a week-long birthday, so long as you were not actually born over the course of a week, which would be awful if not medically impossible. However, I was from my mother’s womb untimely ripp’d, so perhaps it was a birthweek thankfully cut short.

 For any of you who were extrapolating from the title that I might have already figured out how to use the digital camera given to me by my mama, you are optimistically mistaken. Instead, they are pictures of the wee birthday party I had, and they are all thanks to the spectacular Ginna, who is really, quite honestly, one of the best people on the planet.

The wonders of perspective

Pictured (l-r): Myself, Ms. Elisabeth Rodgers, Ms. Susan Heyward

Perspective renders me a dwarf in this picture, and I am also aberrant for not wearing glasses. We all look equally delighted, however! I am wearing that red shirt purposefully so that it would not matter if I got spaghetti sauce stains on it. For this reason, the spaghetti sauce did not make a break for the border of the pan.

 Let this picture also show that the kitchen in Bev House 605 was once clean.

Present modelling Part IPresent modelling Part II

Pictured (l-r): Me, Knob Creek Bourbon (thanks to Mr. Dan Kennedy), The Princess Bride (thanks to Mr. Evan Hoffmann), Me again

It is obvious from these pictures that I am all set to endorse products should any company want to seek a spokesperson to appeal to that mass of rabid consumers, the Shakespeare Nerds. The people at Knob Creek will probably not be calling me any time soon, because I look terrifying. I am also modelling the Most Beautiful Scarf I Have Ever Seen, made by the lovely Alex.

The grand hallway

Pictured (l-r): Me, Bike [Josh’s?]

I am pictured here admiring the Happy Birthday streamers Ginna put up in the front hallway. That bike is not another birthday present, though my one hand does appear to be endorsing it. I think it is Josh’s bike.

For interested historians, the hallway pictured above is the the first place I ever witnessed random all-terrain wrestling. Historians may be more interested to note that I did not see it until this point in my life, as it’s apparently prevalent.


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