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Whilst we were in Georgia and I was on a picture-taking spree, I took the following pictures of Life as Bianca:

Bianca’s self-portrait

More Bianca
Bianca and the angle of the petticoat

This is what it looks like to be Bianca. You will notice that my feet are not visible.

Hellloooo feet! I am reminded of the bit in Alice and Wonderland where Alice has eaten the cake and now worries that she will have to send presents to them for holidays. This is me sticking my foot out so far that I almost lost my balance.

These are the reasons that it was not easy to keep my balance with my foot stuck out far enough to be visible. The one, the only, three-inch turquoise high heels.


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Rejected Title: Who is Ellen Playing, Anyway?

Reason for Rejection of Rejected Title: Now that we are working on Shakespearean text for nine hours a day, we have honed our abilities to find dirty double meanings in everything.

For those of you who don’t know, or have forgotten, the parts I’m granted in each of our plays, I thought I’d dash off a quick post in answer. The fact that it can be quick is attractive to me in terms of the prospect of actually finishing a post, and also, perhaps, the prospect of you reading it.

The Taming of the Shrew: Bianca; Joseph (Servant); and other unnamed servant

The Merchant of Venice: Portia

Henry V: Princess Katherine; the Boy

Now, for all of you who responded to this list with, “O, Bianca! What a great part!” (and you were no less than a dozen different people, so don’t feel particularly guilty), let me point out the following fact to you:

Number of lines Bianca has: 71

Number of lines Portia has: 588

And for a little bit more perspective–

Number of lines the Boy in Henry V has: 72

This is NOT to say that Bianca is not a great part, nor to infer that I equate greatness with number of lines–it’s only to say that I’m very excited that we’re starting our rehearsals of Merchant!

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