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I suppose, technically, that any one of the numerous people across the globe who do not have a computer might seem a more suited to the title of ‘World’s Most Unlikely Blogger,’ but I fear that time may prove that I write on this blog about as often as, say, a Bangladeshi villager. Before I begin inauspiciously by offending Bangladeshi villagers or those who may have friends or close relations who are Bangladeshi villagers, let me state that, while I am thankful for the many amenities that make my life one of ease, I rather envy said villager’s complete freedom from email.

 The chief reason that I consider myself an Unlikely Blogger, if not the World’s Most, is because I am properly from the nineteenth century and consequently generally commune with my computer only under duress. With this self knowledge, I nearly named this unlikelyblogger.wordpress.com, but as I hope that this blog will actually be about my various experiences this year as part of the touring troupe of the American Shakespeare Center, and not merely about blogging and its relative likelihood, I decided against this as a name.

 Of course, if this is the only post I ever write, we may posthumously name this unlikelyblogger, and the very appropriateness of its name will be verified.

Which brings me to my next point. This may be the only post I ever write. It has taken me over a week to actually set up a blog and write a post on it, so I have to say, the odds do not look favourable. Any one who knows my track record with responding to email can step up and vouch that it presages ill for any kind of regularity in blogging.

We now interrupt this program for the following message:


I apologise. I read your email. I loved it; I thought of you; perhaps I chuckled, if you said something funny; perhaps I wiped away a tear, if you said something sentimental; but without a doubt, I said to myself, ‘I will respond to this email as soon as I have some free time, because this beloved person deserves a Real Response, and not some quick message of a couple of lines, tossed off with no love, and more importantly, no linguistic interest.’ And then, because I considered the prospect of writing as a pleasurable activity with which I could reward myself if I accomplished all the things that needed to be done, I never got around to responding it. And now here we are, in 2007, anywhere from one to four years later, and I live in abject shame.

Thank you.

So, if we are all lucky, I shall try to write something once a week. But I am making no promises, lest I be forsworn. I hereby refuse to sign the Now That I Have a Blog I Do Solemnly Swear to Love and to Write in It contract.

 However, you may have noticed, in case you did not already know this about me, that I am rather fond of words, and in large quantities. The natural, almost motherly, affection that I have for words is the one reason that I entertain the possibility that there may, in fact, be another post on this blog someday, besides this one.

 We shall see.


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